Dear Sister,

Do you know how loved you are? Do you know that you have freedom from the heaviness of this world, through Jesus? Let’s sit here together for a bit and I’ll tell you everything I know about Him…

Sharing in truth and freedom

Welcome to Dear Sister,

I hope this will be a place you can find encouragement as a mom, a daughter, a wife , a friend, and a sister in Christ. The struggle to follow Christ is real. Sister, we need each other.


Freedom Fridays

Often the things we have freedom from through Christ can be confused with the freewill given to us through creation. As daughter’s of the most High King, what do we have freedom from?


Letters to Elizabeth

Have you ever imagined what it must have been like for Mary, being the mother of Jesus? My mom and I have and we imagine it could have been something like this…


You have freedom…

In Christ we are made free! We have freedom from our sin, our struggles, our desires, this world’s expectations and so much more. We all need this reminder…

Freedom Friday Videos

I love sharing freedom in Christ with you! I hope these videos encourage you to press on in your walk with Jesus.

Keep In Touch


Dear Sister,

Thank you for visiting.

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