Give it to me. (even if its gross)

Sohand, I started the week stressed out and wound up. I have a lot on my mind, girl part things are upon me, four kids, football, Dance project. Aargh. All the things!

Tuesday night I bribed the twins with the Zoo in the morning if they stayed in their bed’s and went to sleep. Good news is, it worked! Bad news is, it worked.

We wake up Wednesday morning and of course they remembered the Zoo bribe. I have to take them, but I have so many things! We go to the zoo. I am a total bummer of a mom. Just taking them form one thing to the next, checking  my phone, being grumpy. We pack up to go home about noon ( I still haven’t shakin the grumpy) and as I’m driving home and praying, I see this truck in front of me. It has a huge hand on it. The hand is held out like its waiting for someone to put something in it and I feel the Lord say, Give it to me.

You know when your toddler puts a grape in their mouth, chews it up and decide they don’t like it? Then, they start to gag and make disturbing noises. So, you quickly put your hand under their mouth and say, give it to me. Well, it was that kind of, Give it to me. All of your things, they can feel like chewed up, gross grape spit but God still wants it. Bahaha! So, gross but its so true! Give him your gross.

Love you friends!

P.S. I did give it to Him, right then and there. Okay, more like I puked it to Him but whatever.


Published by jesiebrowning

Jesie is a mom, wife, former professional dancer/owner of The Knoxville Dance Project. She is now dedicated to momming, wifeing, and sharing the truth and freedom found through following Jesus.

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