“Peace be with you”


Do you know what the definition of peace is?! You know I always look for the freedom we have in Christ as I read God’s word and PEACE has been a result of my growing in Christ though the past several years. I have found myself “realizing” the peace that I have. I haven’t always felt this peace. A while back I decided to look up the definition of peace just for fun and I was pleasantly surprised when Webster told me it is: FREEDOM from disruption.

Peace is FREEDOM! Of course it is. After reading the definition I just smiled thinking of Jesus waiting for the day I would find out what it meant. I mean I knew what peace was in reference to a feeling but to get some details on it was refreshing.

So, disruption is the key word here. Disruption is a break or interruption in the normal course of some activity or process.

Years ago I heard someone say, Nothing comes to us unless God approves of it first. Think about that, Nothing can get to us until first God allows it to. No matter what it is, if we are following Jesus and seeking Him, EVERYTHING we go through or experience is first filtered through God’s sovereignty. Whatever he allows or does not allow, we trust that He is good, merciful, working all things according for our good, forgiving, faithful, and so there is no disruption but only eternal purpose. When we look at this through the sovereignty of God we see that there is no way for His will to be “disrupted”.

When visiting the disciples after Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus said over and over, “Peace be with you” . Clearly at that time they were terrified because they were looking at a (who they thought was) a dead guy but Jesus’ words were more than calming their fear. They were also calming their doubts. They had just seen him crucified, they were grieving and wondering if they had been following a fool for all that time and then they see him and wonder if they are going completely mad. They are questioning everything on top of their grief. All that they had known they believed to be completely disrupted. He said simply, “Peace be with you”. In other words, Nothing has been disprupted. All is going according to my plan. Do not let the events of the last three days disrupt the work we have started.

In the past several years the difference in my walk with Jesus has been that I have been swimming in scripture. Everyday I have been studying and learning and praying and reading and reading and reading. I don’t say that to boast but to encourage you that knowing who God is gives peace beyond understanding.

Knowing what God has done and what He’s going to do opens the door for us to obey what Jesus said, which is to Love the Lord with all of our heart, and all of our mind and all of our soul. That leaves no room in our hearts for life’s disruptions.


Sister, do not let the circumstances in your life disrupt the peace you have in Christ. There is nothing that you are going through, your children are going through, your body, your job, your anything is going through that God does not have full authority over. Through Christ, you have freedom from disruption. PEACE. BE. WITH. YOU.


Jesie Browning


Published by jesiebrowning

Jesie is a mom, wife, former professional dancer/owner of The Knoxville Dance Project. She is now dedicated to momming, wifeing, and sharing the truth and freedom found through following Jesus.

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