Freedom to unplug-thoughts before I take a break

Hey Sister,

Three years ago I shared this little blurb in explanation of why I was going to take a break from social media. I remember exactly how I felt during that time. I was completely overwhelmed by the cultures ideas and my heart was so heavy for people I loved and people I didn’t even know. When the memory of it popped up yesterday I began to think about how much I have learned in the past three years (because of this particular break) and the peace I have come to know.

For years I had been reading parts and verses of the bible. That isn’t terrible but it sure isn’t how I was going to get to a place where I felt confident that I knew the character of God. I can confidently say that I now know the character of God after reading and studying the whole bible. To be clear, by no means do I believe I have “arrived” at some perfect knowing or relationship with Him, I just know what the entire word of God says and knowing that has changed my perspective. I still get overwhelmed with our cultures ideas but it does not consume me because I know God already won the war between truth and lies. My heart still gets heavy for those I love and those I don’t even know but it doesn’t paralyze me because I know God loves them more than I do, I know He is working all things together for the ones who love Him, I know He is good, I know He gets the last word, I know Jesus died and rose again, I know there is no grave where His body lays because I know He is alive. I know He is coming back and I know if there is not a victory on this side of heaven for someone there will be in eternity.

The eternal peace that the Lord has so kindly placed

in my spirit is what overwhelms me now.

jesie browning

I say all of this because I want this peace for every woman, I want this peace for my children, and for everyone I love and for everyone I don’t even know and that is why I try to be faithful in sharing the truth and freedom we have in Christ. To do that well though, I need a break. I need to finish my classes, play with my sweet kiddoes and sit by the pool with a fruity drink (not a must but certainly sounds amazing).

I hope you might take a break too. Shut everything off, sink into the word of God, sit with one of your kiddoes and ask them their thoughts on stuff, splash in the pool with your littles, write letters to ones you love, bake some cookies, refill your tank this summer. Set your eyes on where you are in this exact season. Until September!….


Jesie Browning

and remember Love God your most so you can love others your best.


Published by jesiebrowning

Jesie is a mom, wife, former professional dancer/owner of The Knoxville Dance Project. She is now dedicated to momming, wifeing, and sharing the truth and freedom found through following Jesus.

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