Freedom to unplug-thoughts before I take a break

I hope you might take a break too. Shut everything off, sink into the word of God, sit with one of your kiddoes and ask them their thoughts on stuff, splash in the pool with your littles, write letters to ones you love, bake some cookies, refill your tank this summer. Set your eyes on where you are in this exact season.

Freedom from “a calling” and peace in our purpose.

This book is so much than it’s title. These days we may not hear people as about their “calling” very much. It’s more likely we will hear people say , “How do I live my best life?” or “What is my truth?”…. This book answers those questions too and it answers them well, with purpose, truth, intelligence and clarity.

I asked God, “How much do you love me?”

I have noticed lately, a lot of Christians these days don’t see the importance of understanding who Jesus actually is. They are of the understanding that we can’t really know exactly who He was and if we try, we are only fooling ourselves. There is also an idea that somehow we are or can be equal to Jesus. That we have exactly the same qualities as He and all we have to do is believe it.

Freedom from having all the answers-because the relationship grows in the seeking

When it comes to a relationship with God, the bond comes when He personally answers our questions through our seeking Him. It is the time it takes for us to get that answer in which our relationship grows deeper with Him.